Found Sounds For Dance Music

Galbanum has released a new sound library – Abstraction 03: Found Sound Club Edition – described as a “cornucopia of pseudo organic glitch rhythms and real-world sampled eccentricism, where any household sound – from the hand saw, to the power drill, to literally the kitchen sink – is fair game as a substitution for a normal drum machine.”

All Abstraction 03 loop content is produced at a native tempo of 128 BPM and can be stretched to fit all tempo ranges used in current dance music sub-genres.

According to Galbanum, Abstraction 03 is suitable for:

  • Tech House
  • Minimal
  • Progressive
  • Electro
  • Deep House
  • DnB and Breaks
  • Ambient and Chill Out
  • Glitch Hop
  • Trip Hop
  • Electronica and IDM
  • Left Field
  • Abstract Rock
  • Film and Game Scoring
  • Sound FX


  • 1,792 new cutting edge files! 768 Loops plus 1024 single-hit abstract electronic percussion samples. All files are 44.1K/24bit content.
  • Loops available in Apple Loops, Acid Loops, or REX2 formats. All loops are 2 measures long and are designed to allow using partial segments of the full loop to give thousands of variations.
  • Single-hit samples are intelligently grouped into 32 instrument folders and named with MIDI note names to facilitate auto-key-mappings for supported samplers.


  • All loops are provided without standard embedded kick/snare/high-hat patterns. This makes the loops much more usable in various genres of dance music where the producer is free to mix and arrange them with his own favorite samples.
  • All samples are made in stereo and make use of extreme spatial processing techniques at the sample level to produce sounds that literally jump out of the speakers. This produces loops which are very active spatially while keeping perfect silence in-between hits when desired. The result is loops that can cut and punch through even dense mixes without taking up huge amounts of mix space.
  • All loops are provided without additional auxiliary reverb or delay effects. This keeps the loops pristinely clean and sharp, enables easy custom slicing and editing, and allows send effects to be added as needed at the mix stage by the producer to perfectly suite the needs of the given project. The result is more flexibility and better coherence between the loops and the other elements of the project.


Apple Loops, Acid Loops, REX Loops, and the Single Hit Samples are all separate downloads. Various combinations are available to allow customers to pick, choose, and pay for only exactly what they need. Customers may choose a single format for $39.95 and may add additional formats for only $14.95.

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