Free Korg M3 Sound Library

Qui Robinez has released a free Korg M3 sound library, Qui Robinez – Visions of Shiva Combi Collection V2.0.

This soundset is made exclusively for the Korg M3 synthesizer. It uses lots of the special features that the Korg M3 synthesizer has to offer. The combi’s were designed to showcase and test the different features KARMA has to offer.


If you download this, leave a comment for Qui at the Karma Lab forum

Details on the library below.

This is the patch list of the collection:

Visions of Shiva Combi Collection V2.0
F000 M3: Visions of Shiva QR
F001 Neo Soul Whistle QR
F002 Mystic Lake Piano EX3 QR
F003 The Blue Waves Pad QR
F004 Deep Underground QR
F005 Princess Leia EP QR
F006 Spiritual Revolution QR
F007 Spheric Piano QR
F008 Souvenir of China QR
F009 Deep Spirit Organ QR

F010 Neo Soul Piano QR
F011 Ambient Carpet QR
F012 Adagio in Gm Flute QR
F013 Age of Aquarius QR
F014 Technotronic QR
F015 Angels of Joy QR
F016 Precognition Elements QR
F017 Illumination QR
F018 Cathedral Angels QR
F019 Neo Soul EP 5th

F020 Train of Funk QR
F021 Floating Thoughts QR
F022 Smooth Ambient Organ QR
F023 Ocean Of Love QR
F024 Dark Ancient Pyramids QR
F025 Soul Atmosphere QR
F026 Shiva’s Meditation QR
F027 Path to Eternity QR
F028 Medieval Castle Party QR
F029 Mystery Island QR

F030 The Flute Ceremony QR
F031 State of Trance QR
F032 Palm String Pad QR
F033 Roles of Serendipity QR
F034 The Clav Master QR
F035 Magical Dream Piano QR
F036 Path of Gold QR
F037 New Age Dreams QR
F038 The Invisible Code QR
F039 Elves Fairy Tales Pad QR

F040 Funky Chicken QR
F041 The Trance Master QR
F042 Silver Stars QR
F043 The Treasure Pad QR
F044 Shiva’s Return QR
F045 Dance Party Valley QR
F046 Symptons of Sadness QR
F047 Deep House Territory QR
F048 Back on Earth Guitar QR
F049 Sunlight in Winter QR

F050 Trance Planet QR
F051 Astral Flight Guitar QR
F052 Shining Ice Choir QR
F053 Land of Timba QR
F054 The Break Up QR
F055 The Fantasy Island QR
F056 Sonic Inventions QR
F057 Jungle Festival QR
F058 Soul Garden QR
F059 The Zodian Cave QR

F060 Jazzmatic Valentine QR
F061 Cross the River QR
F062 The Fantasy Stone QR
F063 The Final Frontier QR
F064 String Movements QR

11 thoughts on “Free Korg M3 Sound Library

  1. These are awesome combis! So far I especially like the Soul Atmosphere QR-great for smooth jazz. Thanks so much for sharing these with the M3 community!
    Washington, D.C.

  2. hey guys im new at this i have a korg-triton tr will these wounds work for mine? if so im new at this can soemone tell me how to download them to my keyboard please. i would greatly appreciate it on some help. the vegas

  3. no theres are combis and not wav sounds. the structure of the korg m3 is different from the korg tritons

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