CME Updates VX series and U-Key Keyboards

CME has announced version 2.0 firmware for their VX series MIDI keyboards and V1.10 firmware for U-Key keyboards.

Here’s what’s new:

The major changes resulting from the version 2.0 firmware upgrade are:


  • F1-F8 knobs can be used to store 8 different preset parameters. This makes live shows easier and slicker.
  • User can rename the F1F8 functions, making it easier to recall them.
  • Adds User Bank automatic memory function.
  • Adjusts the MIDI Route, making it easier to control external devices.
  • Octave and transpose buttons can be used for automatic confirmation mode.
  • Holding down the Dec/Inc button will continue the data change.
  • Adds turn off function for program change (MSB/LSB/Program Change).
  • Adds manually save User bank function (Shift?Enter).
  • Adds manually switch User bank function (Shift?Page).
  • 16 control knob lights can be selected individually.


  • Removes Keyboard Channel Select when assigning channels.
  • Removes Z1-Z4 Select when assigning ports.
  • Removes assignability of F1-F8 buttons.
  • Puts all Detail Assign functions into Assign Mode.
  • Removes assignability of Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels.
  • Adds mode selection for Drum Pads.


  • Adds program change information for Zone mode.
  • Improves the velocity layer parameter.
  • Automation
  • Removes the original note and time display.
  • Adds loop play mode.
  • Adds auto-stop function.
  • Adds fades to Select Recording Channels function.


  • Adds Auto or Manual modes for motorized faders.
  • Optimises the demo songs information.
  • Optimises the demo songs MIDI route.


  • Fixes the incorrect pitch and order in Scale and Temperament list.


  • Optimises the keyboard’s velocity curves.
  • Fixes some parameter errors which cannot be memorised automatically.


  • Improves U-CTRL function.
  • Fixes known bugs and glitches.

The major changes of the U-Key v1.10 firmware compared with the produced units are:

  • New velocity curves for drum pads.
  • Fixes known bugs and glitches.
  • Improved system stability.

Updates are free via the CME site.

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