iLike Teams With TuneCore

Social music discovery service iLike has hooked up with TuneCore, a leading digital music distribution service, to help independent artists effectively becoming their own label.

The alliance leverages TuneCore’s digital distribution model and iLike’s music promotion and discovery services to give independent artists a way to distribute, promote and sell their music:

  • Distribution: TuneCore empowers any artist to distribute their music and videos worldwide to iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazonmp3, and other leading online music stores and subscription services while keeping 100% of the royalties.
  • Marketing and Promotion: iLike offers a range of free and paid music-promotion services for artists to reach new fans on leading social networks and platforms across the Web.
  • Making Money: Artists will also earn royalties when their music is streamed on, Facebook, and other platforms where iLike is available.

Here are the details on how it works:
How It Works:

By submitting music via TuneCore, independent or established musicians can sell their music in all the major online stores and leading subscription services, including: iTunes; Amazon mp3; and through Rhapsody, on Yahoo, MTV and iLike.

After using TuneCore to easily and quickly distribute their music to Rhapsody, artists will earn royalties when their music is streamed not only on but also on iLike’s music syndication network, which provides music on Facebook, hi5, Orkut, Bebo, iLike’s third-party developer platform and other leading channels across the Web.

Artists can learn more and sign up for a free account at TuneCore.

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