Chill Out, Get Some Great Music, **** The RIAA

Matthew Davidson (Escape Philosphy) has announced that he’s offering high-quality uncompressed versions of his two latest albums as downloads via Bandcamp for $5 a pop:


They are both albums we’ve featured here before. They should appeal to fans of ambient music, especially the work of Harold Budd and Brian Eno. 
You can download free, Creative Commons licensed versions of the tracks at Davidson’s site. The links above are for the ultra-hi-fi, extra chillaxing versions. 
Notes Davidson:
You can still download the MP3 versions for free, nothing has changed with the creative commons licensing. This is simply a method of obtaining high quality (DRM-free) versions of the audio and screwing the RIAA in the process. In fact, if you don’t download these tracks, you are, through inaction, supporting the RIAA, huge media conglomerates and everything they stand for. It’s a scientific fact. Peace and love.

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