Beardyman Makes Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Musicians Obsolete

This one-take performance by Beardyman demonstrates how he uses live looping technology to make synthesizers, drum machines and other musicians obsolete. 

Track visually explained and augmented by mr_hopkinson’s animation. 

Conceived and Produced by mr_hopkinson & Beardyman.

15 thoughts on “Beardyman Makes Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Musicians Obsolete

  1. Thanks Synthhead, I appreciate that.

    It came about by wanting to combine what we both do, in particular the live loop with a style I delevoped for this project :

    There’s a more basic, but similar illustrative edit with Beardyman here : , and a different sort of edit here :

    The “Monkey Jazz” edit took a good few months so don’t expect anything new too quick, but still, watch this space . . .

  2. please for teh luv of gawd do not make any more vidz it took you months to manke that horrible video? give it up man you fail

  3. I do not believe that anyone is in any danger of becoming ‘obsolete’ because of this character. LOL. I can personally commit more mayhem with just one Kaoss KP2 (and Beardo has two KP3’s). If you want to hear
    a solo artist whose ‘lo-fi’ music is actually worth listening to, I would
    encourage you to check out AYMERIC HAINAUX. What he does live with
    nothing but a mic is amazing (and much more artistically advanced).
    If you want to see the absolute extreme in solo lo-fi projects, do a search for MERZBOW (Not for the faint of heart, I have warned you).
    At least Beardo has a hobby that keeps him off the streets.

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