V-Machine Turns Your Software Instruments And Effects Into Hardware

SM Pro Audio has anounced the V-Machine, a compact VST/VSTi hardware playback module that you can load up with VST instrument and effect plug-ins to use without a computer. 


The V-Machine is a compact VST/VSTi hardware playback module built for performance keyboard players and DJ’s. It is one little beast that can’t be underestimated once loaded up with your favorite VST instrument and effect plug-ins. Take your plug-ins on the road or into the studio and access them live without a computer.

Multiple plug-ins can be pre-loaded into bank/preset memories for immediate access. Combine VST and VSTi plug-ins into chains, splits, and layers to create extremely rich and unique sounds. Full external MIDI controller support allows users access to available loaded plug-in parameter controls such as virtual dials, switches, and faders.

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced yet.


  • External hardware host for Windows plugins (VST instruments and effects) 
  • Banks, presets (incl. chaining, layering, splitting) can be edited with the V-Machine or the host software 
  • Create synth layers and chain them with effects 
  • Connect nearly every MIDI-Controller to the V-Machine 
  • Multiple VSTi’s can be combined 
  • MIDI learn functions included 
  • All effect and synth chains can be switched latency free 
  • USB-Ports for copy protection dongles 
  • Use software samplers and stream its content from any USB drive 
  • Sensor to adjust the display’s contrast automatically 
  • Control configuration software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (future support) 

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