Are Any McCain Supporters Electronic Music Fans?

Beatport asks an interesting question: Are there any McCain electronic music supporters out there?

With this whole Presidential Election going on we’ve received a ton of Obama-supporting DJ mixes and singles, but not a pip squeek from the McCain camp.

We decided not to repost any of these mixes until we had received some McCain sponsored mixes and tracks in order to remain fair, but up until this point we’ve received nothing. Absolutely diddly squat.

Synthtopia isn’t about to become another political rah-rah zone – but we’d noticed too that there seems to be diddly-squat support for McCain from electronic musicians and fans. 

We know that Moby can’t seem to get enough of slagging McCain on his blog, lately. Here’s a bit of his latest post:

yesterday the right-wing news media released a story wherein it was alleged that a white john mccain volunteer from texas
was attacked by a black obama supporter. the mccain volunteer claimed that she was beaten and robbed and that
he carved a ‘b’ into her face with a knife.
drudge report and fox and etc all ran with the story without actually checking it out(aka-doing research).
then today people noticed some things, like the “b” was backwards, and was more of a scratch.
the police investigated thoroughly and found that her story was completely fabricated.
the right wing media were quick to pounce on this without doing any investigating, the right wing and the gop
were quick to pounce on this because they thought it would incite people to racist fears about obama.
the right wing media screwed up and are now tucking their collective republican tail between their legs
and retreating.
it was a completely made up story and fox and matt drudge fell for it.
now the mccain volunteer who made up the story is facing police charges for making utterly false claims.
hey, republicans, if you want to win, why not try to win honestly?
can you republicans even conceive of trying to win a campaign based on the issues as opposed to lies, slander, and racism?

Moby’s got a point, but you’d think after licensing every track from Play for commercials that he’d at least be able to afford a “Return” key. 

The Crystal Method have released a new remix of their dance anthem Now Is The Time.

The Vote ‘08 Remix features samples from Obama’s DNC acceptance speech, and is available as a free download from the band’s website. An email address is required to download the free track. 

“We don’t often revisit old songs but we’ve been spending so much time looking forward as we work on our new album it seemed appropriate to take a minute to look back at the beginning. Plus, right now no American could be hurt by hearing another inspiring message.”

So where are the McCain supporters in the world of electronic music? Is there no one willing to “take a chance” on this ABBA-loving hero?

12 thoughts on “Are Any McCain Supporters Electronic Music Fans?

  1. Saw this on Twitter and had to comment –

    The fact that electronic musicians don’t support McCain probably says more about electronic music than it does about McCain.

    Ravers are into things like drugs and being promiscuous. A lot of dance music is basically about hedonism.

    McCain supports traditional Republican values and those don’t jive with a lot of what dance music is about. So, I’m not surprised if there aren’t any electronic musicians supporting McCain – they’re advocating lifestyles that McCain and other Republicans don’t believe in.

  2. ariannaK has it right – electronic music culture is somewhat at odds with traditional conservative values. Not that there aren’t any conservative electronic musicians, but as is true with many artistic pursuits their percentage of the total artistic population is relatively small.

  3. mibrilane – you’re right, there are probably some electronic musicians supporting McCain – but they seem to be hiding out better than Osama Bin Laden.

    Aren’t there any that are willing to show their support?

  4. Perhaps there are some non-musical types that like John McCain,
    but any real self-respecting musician has a heart, and if you have a heart and care about your fellow human then it would be most obvious that we have survived the Worst President Ever. W. is the reason our economy is in the gutter, W. is the reason that the former “#1” nation has so many enemies, and his hate-filled rhetoric does nothing but reinforce an image that most Americans do not deserve, & John McCain is not capable of anything other than extending the damage.
    We are not a bunch of intolerant ethnocentric misogynists, we are not the bourgeoisie, we are not the Roman Centurions. We are the greatest nation on the planet, we invented rock and roll, we invented the airplane, we refined the automobile, and Bob Moog was one of us.
    We are absolutely capable of letting go of our grandparents obsolete
    politics and embracing progress, we will once again lead the world
    through example instead of misguided threats. I grew up in Arizona
    so I know what kind of scum John McCain is, but apart from voting
    ‘against’ McCain, I am voting ‘for’ Obama, & I am also voting ‘for’
    Joe Biden, they are both great men & deserve our vote. I love this
    country, and I am disgusted and ashamed with the GOP. I use to be
    ‘middle of the road’, but George W. has made me into a democrat.

  5. Since we’re leaving aside all good electronic musical taste and each giving our soap box rants about who shouldn’t be “voted” into office.

    McCan’t and Obama Bin Laden are just two different kinds of LAME.
    Both kill babies and promote evil.
    I’m voting for Ron Paul.
    Yes, I know that the Feds won’t count my vote or care.

    “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” BFranklin

    I look forward to the end, and what happens with our freedom as soon as Obama Bin Laden takes office.

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