Klaus Schulze Rheingold DVD Trailer

This trailer is for the upcoming Klaus Schulze Live DVD from the Loreley Concert, 18th July 2008. Feat. Lisa Gerrard as Special Guest. 

It’s not much more than a teaser, unfortunately, but there’s some tantalizing synth porn action.

Here’s the second trailer:

DVD Trailer for the forthcoming Live DVD Rheingold from Klaus Schulze. Feat. Lisa Gerrard (former Dead Can Dance).

The combination of Schulze’s synth work with Gerrard’s vocals is amazing. 

Filmed at the Loreley on the 18th July 2008 by James L. Frachon.

3 thoughts on “Klaus Schulze Rheingold DVD Trailer

  1. Oh it does; I have the CD set. 🙂 In fact it’s similar, if not sort of the same lyrics or singing style Klaus had done on albums like Andromeda and Ion.

    But to have Gerrard singing for him is awesome, always been a big fan of DCD & her solo stuff.

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