Secrets Of THX Trailers

THX trailers have wowed movie going audiences for more than two decades. This video takes a look at some of the secrets of the sound design of THX trailers. 

Amazing Life explores the lives of photo-realistic organisms growing from a metallic surface. As the story unfolds, the organisms grow to cover the surface of the metal, with each one communicating through their own unique sound. These sounds build upon each other, becoming more harmonious, and eventually culminate into the THX Deep Note crescendo. A final panning shot reveals the metallic surface to be the THX logo covered by these vibrant, living, musical creatures.

Marco d’Ambrosio designed the more than 160 soundtracks, featuring “voices” of “Speaker Flowers,” “Helicopter Plants” and other unique organisms. The final mix was completed at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound under the direction of d’Ambrosio and re-recording mixer, Gary Rizzo.

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