More Music From Synthtopia Readers

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I’m checking out SoundCloud – a new music sharing site specifically for musicians. I wanted to learn a bit more about how it works and see if it could be a useful tool for Synthtopia readers. So I embedded a SoundCloud drop box on the right sidebar of the site and asked for readers to send in some tracks.

They’ve been coming in ever since from Synthtopia readers around the world.

Here are few examples:

From London, Britain (UK), Dave Haynes sent in this unreleased remix of Andy Caldwell – Pushin (West Of Centre):

You can find out more about Dave Haynes at his MySpace page or site.

Injohnson sent this track, Sky Turns Red, directly to me, so I’m embedding with Synthtopia’s standard player, instead of the SoundCloud one:


The track is a collaboration between Andrea Stankevitch and Lukas Johnson of Brite Lite Brite with additional production by MRU. Grand prize winner of the 2007 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the electronica category.

Next up is an ambient track, Farewell Robort – 03 – He Is Not Your Friend from sonic and visual artist, composer of music, player of instrument, programmer of synths and producer of many things, Kerko:

Bob Deveau, of Fredericton, Canada, is drummer who also creates electronic music, influenced by a variety of genres.

Here a 45-minute mix from Deveau, Supermix:

Finally, here’s Atomic Skunk’s gorgeous ambient track Chronoswamp:

It was created with Ableton Live and Spectrasonics OmniSphere.

I’m impressed and humbled by the range of music that Synthtopia readers are creating. Don’t miss the first batch of music from Synthtopia readers, too. 

Image: Caesar Sebastian

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