Zebranalogic Analog Synthesizers & Effects Pedals

Zebranalogic is a boutique analog music gear manufacturer that specializes in creating hand-made synths and effects pedals.

They are unique creations of Carlos Carcia, creator of Zebranalogic. Here’s an example of his work, in action:

This video demos the Zebranalogic Oscillator IV:

This Synthesizer comes with the same components as the Oscillator III, but with an added Midi (in/thru). The Midi control has been modified to reach greater range of control surfaces and a Midi thru port has been added, the only channel 1 used is to detect the on and off note. This Synthesizer comes with 4 analogue effects, such as Fuzz, Phase, Envelope Filter and Tremolo, which works as a Vca.

The mixer is a 5-channel one. Monoural Output 1/4. This unit comes with a 110ac – 220ac Adaptor.The Lfo control has been modified for better control and some details on the Vco have been perfected to create more aleatory sounds. The Noise White has been modified with more gain.

Case made of transparent Plexi-glass.

If you’ve used any of Zebranalogic’s gear, let me know what you think of the sound and build quality in the comments.

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