Do You Want To Build A Drum Machine?

Philipp of Making of a Drum Synth has posted a demo video of the beta version of his DIY drum synthesizer.

He notes:

“Currently i’m working on clean documentation of the drum synth and on PCB’s.

One idea of publishing the building process on the web was also to make it accessible for other people. For this i got some webspace where i will put the sequencer source code, schematics etc.

Having it as pdf’s is probably more usable than plain pictures. Please let me know if you’re interested in re-building the project of parts of the project, if someone is interested i will start designing pcb’s. I’m also willing to sell pcb’s and programmed avr’s.”

I’d like to see Philipp open source his work and develop a community around his DIY drum machine. If there was enough interest, it could grow into a community, like the one that’s grown up around the x0xb0x.

If you’re interested in something like this, let Philipp know at his blog.

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