MIDI Optigan & Reaktigan Emulation Software Demo

This is pretty complicated – but it’s a demo of a virtual Optigan, being controlled by a real Optigan that’s been converted into being a MIDI controller.

Here are the details from peahix on YouTube:

This is an Optigan (actually the first one I ever owned) that’s been converted to a MIDI controller (aka the Midigan) for the purpose of controlling Optigan emulation software developed in Reaktor (aka the Reaktigan). Braden Diotte did the Optigan midi mod for me (using guts from an M-audio midi controller keyboard) and Patrick Keller wrote the Reaktor Optigan emulation.

Essentially, for live shows, I needed something more reliable and flexible than a real Optigan, but didn’t want to give up the unique interface, so that’s why this exists. The software is still a work in progress. You can load any sounds you want into it, as demonstrated in the video.

At some point we plan to make this software available (probably converted to a stand-alone app) as well as basic instructions for making a midi controller out of an Optigan (hopefully a dead one!).

If you’re interested in a virtual Optigan, let peahix know!

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