Transistorbass Live At Elektrostat 2008

Transistorbass captured their gig at the Elektrostat festival in Oslo, Norway on the 7th of October 2008.

Though this is low-budget and the sound quality is mediocre, Transistorbass does a good job of capturing their gig. 

“With regards to the sound: don’t worry about the severely distorted bass – it is on the recording side, it’s not your speakers,” they warn. 

Actually, I kind of like the severely distorted bass!

Here’s their stage setup:

Apple MacBook Pro
HP laptop
Access Virus Polar
Access Virus Indigo
Roland SH-5
16 channel line mixer
Alesis limiter
Alesis reverb unit


01 – Lumotronik
02 – Elektrostat-intro
03 – Amoeba (original by SatCom101)
04 – Imperator
05 – Sensory Deprivation
06 – Distortion Reigns Supreme
07 – No Mercy
08 – Don’t Stop
09 – Mercury
10 – 30.000 and Counting
(11 – Walk-off track: Trashin’)

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