40+ Free Ambient & Space Music MP3s

If you’re a Synthtopia reader and you’re not checking the Free Music tab every now and then, you’re missing out. Every week, we’ve got free music for you, like the motherload of free Moog downloads last week, the DJ mixes of Noah Pred or the free music from Synthtopia readers

Today we’ve got a voluptuous helping of sensual ambient and space music courtesy of AD Music, a label that specializes in ambient music, synth music and space music:

You’ll find complete tracks up to 8 minutes long (or 8 minute edits if longer pieces) from albums old and new plus exclusive tracks not previously available. We’ll even be adding sneak previews of forthcoming music. So the page will be in a constant state of flux, with music being added and occasionally deleted from the selection.

All MP3’s are at 160kbps.

Here are a few examples from AD:


Check out the AD Music download page for 40+ free tracks!

Note to AD: The only way you could do this better would be to offer a podcast RSS feed for your tracks. That would let fans subscribe to your free music feed with iTunes and get AD music automatically delivered to their computer and iPod.

By letting people subscribe, you’d be rewarding them for being fans of your music, while also teasing them with samples from your latest releases. 

Also – if you’re putting free music on your site, you should explicitly tell podcasters that it’s OK to include your music in podcasts as long as they give credit to your musicians and link back to your site. Free publicity!

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