James Bond vs Electronica

No movie series has been as notable for its music as long as the James Bond franchise.

With The Quantum Of Solace coming out this weekend, it’s a good time to take a look back at the electronica side of James Bond music.

Here are ten of the most interesting electronica takes on James Bond:

Duran Duran’s View To A Kill

Where else to start but with Duran Duran’s View To A Kill?

The James Bond series may have bottomed out in the eighties, but at least Duran Duran had a hit with the theme song. Just don’t think too much about the lyrics.

The World Is Not Enough By Garbage

Shirley Manson made the most of her chance to take on James Bond, with not just a killer theme, but a convincing performance as a killer fembot.

James Bond 007 – Die Another Day ( Madonna )

A lot of people hated Madonna’s AutoTune’d theme for Die Another Day, but it’s the most electronic Bond theme ever.

It worked well with the awesome credits sequence, above, and Madonna was at her peak in her version of the video, below:

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