Richard Lainhart and Jordan Rudess Announce Live Deep Space Internet Radio Jam

Richard Lainhart and Jordan Rudess have announced Deep Space, an improvised sonic exploration, that will be broadcast live to the Internet on Sunday November 16th @ 2pm eastern standard time.


Join us as RandoRadio broadcasts live from Richard’s home studio. Treavor Hastings and Gus Mason will host the program, called Deep Space. It will feature live improvisational excursions using cutting-edge synthesizers and keyboards along with old-school Moogs and various insane gadgetry.

Richard will feature his Buchla 200e and Jordan will be performing on his various Moog synthesizers and keyboards.

RandoRadio will provide both video and audio streams for this event.

There’s no mention about whether this will be available as a download or via sites like YouTube. If anybody knows, leave a comment!

About The Artists

Jordan is a recording artist, composer, producer and performer. He is currently in the studio and on tour with the Progressive Rock band, Dream Theater.

Richard Lainhart is a composer, author, and filmmaker. He studied composition and electronic music with Joel Chadabe at the State University of New York at Albany, and has worked and performed with John Cage, David Tudor, Steve Reich, Phill Niblock, David Berhman, and Jordan Rudess, among many others.

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