Free Windows Software Synthesizer

Speaker Blower Records has unleashed SB-3 LE, a free “Stereo Phat Vintage Synth” for Windows.

It looks like they really hate Macs too, from the site: VSTi for PC only – NO MAC VERSION!


  • Stereo Detunable synthesizer with mono or polyphonic modes
  • Full Stereo Architecture
  • 3 oscillators
  • Ring Modulation
  • Two multimode filters
  • Two Lfos
  • Two envelopes
  • Effects: Distortion (2 types), Tape Delay and Chorus
  • Ultra Analogue or Phat option
  • 17 presets

Limitations of this free version:

  • Polyphony: Mono + 4 voices (not 16)
  • Stereo detune value is fixed: 35% (St. detune can be turned off) – missing knob
  • Chorus depth value is fixed: 80% – missing knob
  • Filter Drive value is fixed: 28% – missing knob
  • Filter 1 mode is fixed: LP only (no HP mode) – missing selector
  • Lfo 2 – free run mode only (not syncable) – missing selector

via MakingMusic

2 thoughts on “Free Windows Software Synthesizer

  1. Hi!
    I am the creator of this synthesizer.
    I just want to say that I love macintosh, indeed, I am typing in one right now! The synth just isn´t available for mac – simple as that – no need to get wrong conclusions!

    As I get that question so often, I decided to let be very clear! Just that!

    Cheers from Oporto, Portugal!

    Dr. Speaker Blower
    Speaker Blower Records –

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