A Preview Of First New Optigan Disk In 34 Years, Radioactivox

This is a demo of Radioactivox, the first new Optigan disk in 34 years.

Here’s the official info:

Radioactivox is in the style of a familiar German synthesizer band from the seventies. We used the much sought after Optigan/Orchestron choir sound for the keys- a sound made famous by said band. We used the original source material from the master tapes and have totally eliminated the clicks and pops at the loop seams.

We are now accepting advanced orders for Radioaktivox. You can help us reduce the cost of the discs by placing your advanced order by 12/15/2008. The more orders we receive, the lower the cost. The minimum quantity we can make is 25 pieces for a price $100 a disc. We think that price is too high. If we could get about 100 advanced orders, we believe we can knock off another $10 to $15. Whatever the savings ends up being, we will refund that amount to you at the time we fulfill your order.

This is a very cool project – an Internet-organized indie release of new material for a classic electronic music proto-sampler. 

Because of advances in audio editing and mastering technology, the new disk promises to make the Optigan sound better than it ever has. It was a great idea, too, to revisit classic sounds used by Kraftwerk. 

You can find more info at the Optigan blog.

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