The Kawai K5000

This is a demo, by RetroSound, of the Kawai K5000 Advanced Additive Synthesizer.

The Kawai K5000 = Additive Synthesis + special PCM samples; the demo shows some typical K5000 sounds.

Kawai K5000R Specs:

  • Polyphony: 32 voices
  • Oscillators: Digital Additive Synthesis plus PCM samples; Harmonics: 64 per source;
  • Effects: 4 effects algorithms with 32 different effects
  • Filter: 128-band formant filter, 24dB/oct low-pass and high-pass; LFO : 2 (one for formant filter, one can be freely routed to other destinations); 1 ASDR per part, with key scale and velocity; Arpeggiator: 40 patterns, 8 user;
  • Memory: 200 patches, 64 performances ;
  • Date: 1996

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