Freaky Devices Make Acoustic Treatment Gorgeous

Synergistic Research has introduced a collection of devices, the Acoustic A.R.T. System, that promise to make room acoustic treatement gorgeous.

The A.R.T. system is a small 5 piece room treatment kit consisting of metal spheres, bowls, and wooden block supports, designed to be placed on the rear wall between the speakers and on the side walls.

According to the company, the system is inspired by Tibetan prayer bowls and is based on the principles of Helmholtz resonators.

The Acoustic A.R.T. System Components

  • The main piece of the system is called the Vibratron. The Vibratron is placed on the rear wall just above the tweeters of the speakers, and consists of a two part metal sphere with a metal ring placed between the halves, and a vertical stack of magnets placed above the sphere.
  • The next piece is the Bass Station, which is a spiked wood platform supporting a metal bowl, designed to be placed on the floor below the Vibratron.
  • Finally, the Magnetron and Gravatron satellite bowls are placed on the first order reflection points on the side walls, and on the wall behind the listening position.

These are completely different than any acoustic treatment system I’ve ever seen, and leave me skeptical. Let me know what you think of them in the comments.

The Vibratron, bass station, and satellites are available separately for $1495, $750, and $299/ea, or together as a system for $2995.

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25 thoughts on “Freaky Devices Make Acoustic Treatment Gorgeous

  1. Hahahaha that’s some funny stuff, I really liked the last three comments trying to make this BS sound more credible …..the first guy just heard them at his local dealer (He’s from the company no doubt), the second review is some nut job that said in the review …There is a question about other room treatments. I was told at the RMAF that they are largely irrelevant to the Acoustic ART effect. I did not find that to be the case, and I have removed my Shakti Holographs, most of my Shun Mooks Mpingo disks, Brilliant Pebbles and one of my Acoustic Revive QR-8 dots. ….woo what is he smoking? lol and the last from Stereophile was just in an uncontrolled room where the manufacturer could have done anything , even reversing the phase to one speaker but claiming he only removed the ART system hmmm? lets see some real frequency response measuremets if this stuff really works.

  2. I gave these a listen at a California audio salon and they didn’t do a damn thing. After talking to the salesman for a bit he eventually confessed that he thought it was pure bull shit too but hey he has to eat so he was selling them if he could.

  3. We have the Acoustic ART System on display here in our Music Lovers Berkeley store on Wilson Alexandria speakers in a purpose built, professionally designed listening room with traditional room treatments comprised of both absorption and diffusion.

    Without the Acoustic ART System in place music sounds fantastic. However with the Acoustic ART System in place the difference is night and day. Tighter and deeper bass, a more holographic soundstage, better front to back layering, smoother highs with more air and decay, etc.

    Everyone here at Music Lovers is excited about the sound and none of us feel its effect is “pure bull shit”. I don’t understand why some feel the need to shill against the Acoustic ART System nor have we ever conducted a demonstration where the audience was anything less then amazed. The only BS here is Bob’s post.

    BTW we have stores in S.F. and Berkeley so if anyone in the Bay Area would like to hear great music with and without the ART System in place come on by.

  4. Music Lovers sounds like Ted trying to convince people that his garbage works lol Ask Ted if he has measurements as PROMISED from the CES show way back in January. That’s right, in a Stereophile thread he said he would but NEVER did. Pure lying Ted. I like how Music Lover’s calls anyone who disagrees with them BS. I’d say your product is the real bull shit

  5. I am looking at measurments for the Art System right now. Among other things I am seeing a significant decrese in low frequency overhang (less reverberation after the test tone is generated at 40 cycles). Can this be real?

  6. This has to be the most confusing graph of a acoustic measurement Ive ever read, maybe that is the purpose

    what is the test?

    how is it done?

    Which echo chamber is it from?

    is it supposed to show absorption or a diffusion coeffecient?

  7. The “measurements” are pure bullshit. Ted “messed up” taking them in the Stereophile thread posted on the forums months ago and tucked tail and never came back. He’s a scam artist.

  8. I had never heard of these things at first. But I heard the system demoed at the RMAF with some associates, and we were really impressed. I bought the full Acoustic Art system and have not regretted it for a minute. I feel more like I wish I knew about it a long time. I used to have traditional room traps outfitted in my recording studio, and next to the acoustic art, I found they were really killing the life out of the sound. And they actually cost less than my room trap system did! I have since recommended them to my colleagues, and so far, three of them have replaced the large room traps that were installed in the studios by the Synergistic acoustic resonators! You can really hear the difference in the recordings.

    As an owner, I think a lot of the comments here are stupid. Made by people who are afraid of looking at new ideas in audio.

  9. I had a chance to listen to these acoustic bowls at Audible Arts in downtown Campbell. They certainly made a difference, to my amazement. They've convinced me to hold off from purchasing the standard sound diffusion panels.

    What frustrates me, however, is the price of this system. From what I understand, weren't they making a more affordable version of this set?

  10. Man, watching these desperate ART folks dogpile the comments section in a Synthtopia article to try and save their do-nothing product is making my eyes water. Really pathetic…

    Have tried these, can confirm, they do nothing – as they say, if it sounds too good to be true…wait, these didn’t ‘sound’ like anything at all. It’s literally like setting a few colanders around your room – it does zilch.

  11. I use air conditioning schampoo. Makes the air more soft and translucent and better mids, highs and bass response improves. 140% more volume for audio, hair, air and eyelashes. Removes spots and blemishes. Reduces fat, but increases phatt.

  12. I applaud Synergistic Research for finding yet a new concept with which to tax the most credulous and overpaid audiophiles. I don’t mind listening to someone wittering unscientific BS about their sound systems when I know how much of their salary they’ve spunked away over some shelf ornaments. They’ve truly earned it!

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