Sita Sings the Blues Looks Awesome, Sounds Cool, Too

This is a little off topic – but this trailer for Nina Paley’s animated feature, Sita Sings The Blues, a.k.a. “the Sitayana”, makes it look super-awesome. 

It’s a feature-length animated version of the Ramayana focused on much-put-upon Sita, it’s filled with musical numbers and it’s basically a tremendous DIY project, created by Paley on her home computer. 

I love the stylized animation, the vibrant colors and, especially, the music, when the Indiatronica kicks in. 

The film is making the rounds of film festivals, but the Paley is getting shafted by the music industry because of music licensing issues. There’s a great interview with Paley at Coilhouse

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Sita Sings The Blues, leave a comment!

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