Koblo Announces Release Of Vibra3000 Mini-Synthesizer

Koblo Audio Software announces the official release of the Vibra3000 polyphonic, multiple oscillator mini-synthesizer plug-in. The Vibra synthesizer line was known for its unique filters and sound, and was originally part of the Studio9000 bundle distributed by Digidesign.

Koblo’s sound can be found in many trance, breakbeat and techno compositions, but for years, you could only experience this sound on Macintosh’s OS 9 format. Some users have even kept OS 9 systems around to continue getting that Koblo sound!

The Vibra3000 features polyphonic Multiple Stacked Sawtooth Oscillators, A noise generator with sample rate control, a lush filter, and MIDI automation. The Vibra3000’s easy to use interface allows for quick programming of rumbling bass sounds, sizzling synth leads and psychedelic effects.

The Vibra3000 is available in RTAS (Protools), VST and AU formats, and can be used in all major host programs. It retails for $19.95.

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