10 thoughts on “Control Ableton Live With Your iPhone

  1. Well, lazy pseudo-musicians rejoice! Not only can you use the cheat-ware
    to cover up your lack of musical talent, you don’t even have to worry about
    playing live at all, you can literally “phone it in”.

    Beethoven is rolling in his grave. Laptops belong in coffee shops,
    not on the stage. Play your instrument or go home.

    1. Hi St. B
      Beethoven, Mozart would LOVE these tools. They loved to discover the limits in music. Another bound was broken by the computer on stage. go back an play bongo with bones, fool.

  2. Cover up my lack of talent? Sheeeeit, I let everyone know about my lack of talent!

    Cool app….I could see where it would be convenient for triggering samples. Though I’m really hoping Ableton makes a version of live for the IPhone/Touch….

    Yer Pal,

  3. I see this just as an experiment with new forms of man-computer interaction – this is just the beginning of a whole new paradigm. Let’s talk again in ten years or so…

  4. I agree with Max, this is just exploring new ways to interface with technology. Laptops do not belong in coffee shops, as many of the coffee shops here in Berlin attest.. (increasing number of NO LAPTOP signs on doors)

    10 years ago if you want to play samples, you need to drag a sampler out.. now, barring a few notable exceptions, you cant even buy samplers anymore.

    so.. the notion that a laptop is not an instrument is just absurd.

    and as for using an ipod as a controller.. it is no different from using a akai MPD or a lemur or any other mid controller you wish to mention.. only this one is much more portable.

  5. It is a novelty application. And if you think it is ‘no different than a
    MPD’ (sic- it’s spelled M-P-C!!!) then you have never used an MPC.
    There is no way I can whack an iPhone as hard as I pound on the Akai.
    It is a ‘musical instrument’ as far as ‘playability’ goes, but I am certain
    that no serious artist is going to play a gig this way. I have not seen one
    electronic artist in L.A. doing this.

  6. Glitch mob uses touch screen midi controllers, no different. Any one who thinks the laptop is not an instrument is an idiot. to create an ableton set requires hours off stage.

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