Nine Inch Nails In Minneapolis

I had the chance to see Nine Inch Nails show last night in Minneapolis.

Here’s the mini-review:

  • This may bring out the haters – but for most of the show, NIN had a surprisingly straight-ahead arena rock sound;
  • The show had four main sections; rock, electronic rock, Ghosts instrumentals and more rock;
  • The visuals were stunning, the most artistic and impressive that I’ve ever seen at a rock concert;
  • The focus was almost entirely on the songs; there weren’t any traditional solos and the visuals often obscured the musicians;
  • For an EM fan – it was disappointing not to see/hear more of Alessandro Cortini. 

NIN was very tight and rocked hard, but the highlight for me was the instrumental breather in the middle – the visuals made this section wonderfully psychedelic. 

In a nutshell – the concert was well worth $60 for the tickets and a 4-hour drive.

2 thoughts on “Nine Inch Nails In Minneapolis

  1. you’re right on with the arena rock sound (i saw them in cedar rapids, ia). it was pretty quiet as well. even being front and center the entire sound could be drowned out by singing fans around you. very disappointing.

  2. Wow- it was too quiet, eh?
    I know that the production co. for the NIN was using the new
    JBL Vertec VLA, I wonder if that was still the case in this show?
    *Has anyone else seeing this tour had the same complaint-Too Quiet?*
    I am curious because in the pro audio industry Vertec has a big buzz
    going on, and if a NIN show is too quiet, that is not a good thing…

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