Mixtikl Now In Beta

Intermorphic has announced that Mixtikl – its multiplatform music software – is now in beta. 

Mixtikl looks like it will be a very interesting app, with mobile support and generative features. 

Here are the details:

  • Mixtikl is open: Use your own content, or from in add-on Tiklpaks.
  • Capture / mix / work on content on the move on your mobile.
  • Finesse your mixes on PC using the Mixtikl plugin.
  • Move your mixes between mobile and PC and back again.
  • ‘Performer’ app – Perform music on your mobile.
  • ‘Remixer’ app – Create quick mixes, and mix and match sounds.
  • ‘Partikl’ app – Sound and FX design, exporting mix files
  • ‘Player’ app – Play lists of Ogg, MIDI and generative music.
  • Use audio loops, MIDI, generative music & modular synthesis.
  • Integrated Noatikl generative music engine for generative music.
  • Pitch shift your loops and apply realtime FX.
  • Act as VST or AU plugin in your VST/AU enabled sequencer.

The full Mixtikl release is expected to be just a week or so away.

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