Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

Some classic synthpop from Men Without Hats –  a pop group from Montreal, Quebec.

At the core, Men Without Hats consisted of Ivan Doroschuk and his brother Stefan, with various other members, including a third brother, Colin Doroschuk, as well as Jeremy Arrobas, Tracy Howe, Roman Martyn, Mike Gabriel, Jean-Marc Pisapia, Lenny Pinkas, and Allan McCarthy. They emerged with an EP called Folk of the 80’s (1980). 

This didn’t make a whole lot of sense back in the day and makes even less sense now – but it’s still a synthpop classic!

3 thoughts on “Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

  1. I often get chided for this opinion, but MWH, back in 1983, along with a few other bands, made me want to be a musician. Without endless play of the FOT80’s3 album (I physically wore out three original copies of the cassette!) I would not have been interested in electronic music. I still have “I Like” and “Ideas for Walls” on my MP3 player to this day!

  2. If you liked that, seek out the video for Men Without Hat’s “Pop Goes the World”. Once again, doesn’t entirely make complete sense, but it’s fun and electronic (especially when fun=electronic… so it’s basically fun squared… not to be confused with fun forced through a square wave shaper, which can also be fun and harmonically rich)

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