Bizarre New iPhone Music Apps

The popular iPhone music apps leaving you cold?

Here’s a few bizarre new iPhone music apps:


  • UkeChords – a virtual ukelele chord dictionary.
  • Jaw Harp (App Store link) – A realistic simulation of an authentic vintage Jaw Harp for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. Never be caught without your Jaw Harp Again!
  • Theta Pack (App Store link)  – more binaural beat/digital drug mania – The Theta Pack includes three variations of Binaural Beats in the theta range; from low to high theta. Theta brain waves are associated with the development of ones intuitivity, deep meditation, lucid dreaming and some say even the awakening of paranormal abilities. So whenever you want to totally relax or get into that deep meditative state a little faster, the Theta Pack will help you achieve this state of mind. 
  • iConductor – conduct a symphony orchestra with your iPhone or iPod Touchn. iConductor detects the motion using the iPhone’s accelerometer.
  • iReal – a real virtual “fake book” – which is actually kind of a cool idea. Is it real or is it fake? The world may never know.

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