UltraRecords Secret To Successful Dance Music Videos

Can you figure out UltraRecords‘ secret formula for successful dance music videos?


UltraRecords’ video for Mason vs Princess Superstar’s Perfect.

UltraRecord’s video for Arman Van Helden’s Into Your Eyes attempts to have a plot.

UltraRecord’s video for Enur feat. Natasja’s Calabria.

Can you thrust? Can you hump? Can you squat? Kneel? Alternate your glutes?

UltraRecord’s video for Eric Prydz’s Call On Me.

UltraRecords’ sing-along style clip from Arman Van Helden’s Touch Your Toes.
UltraRecords’ video for Jason Nevins pres. Holly James I’m In Heaven.

3 thoughts on “UltraRecords Secret To Successful Dance Music Videos

  1. Hmm, yes… oldest formula in the world. Cave man bangs on rock, scantly clad female bounces provocatively… it’s the super dance hit of 1,000,000 BC ! (no kidding, go rent the movie… Rachel Welsh at her most talented)

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