Bob Moog Foundation Looking For Your Input

The Bob Moog Foundation is looking for your input, to help it shape its plans for 2009:

We Need Your Input!

As you know from following our progress, protecting and preserving Bob’s archives has been our focus for over a year. Our goal is to share these archives with the you. As a result, the Bob Moog Foundation recently embarked on a thoughtful and ambitious planning process to chart the future direction of the organization, strategically defining who we are and how we can make a serious impact. We have committed to taking the initial steps to begin planning for a Bob Moog Museum in Asheville, NC.

What would a Bob Moog Museum look like? Here’s what we envision: a highly interactive, innovative place to connect with Bob’s life and work; the official residence of Bob’s extensive technological archives; a hub for an interdisciplinary community musicians, engineers, scientists and historians; an eye-opener and inspiration for students and adults alike.

We need to hear from you, the Moog community. We have created a survey that will help give us some important preliminary information regarding visitation to the Bob Moog Museum. Please take just a couple of minutes to fill out this short but important survey! Click here for the survey.

Thanks very much for your participation and support!

The Bob Moog Foundation

Take a moment to fill out the survey – it’s only 8 questions long, and it takes about 30 seconds to fill out.

2 thoughts on “Bob Moog Foundation Looking For Your Input

  1. a traveling exhibit to existing museums or other public places would be more suitable and realistic for reaching the greatest amount of interested people. i’d likely go downtown to attend such a wonderous exhibit. but hopping on a plane or detouring my yearly vacation to see a museum would be highly unlikely.

  2. Bob should have a museum, that is certain. My problem with this
    situation is strictly geographic-NC is not only too far, it is not
    anywhere near any place that I would care to visit. Since the music
    hubs of America are in major cities (LA,NY,Seattle,Atlanta,Miami,etc)
    then one thought would be to put it in one of those places (I got mean
    hookups in Hwood, just let me know-Bob Moog Museum on Sunset Strip?)

    ***Another thought is to make the Moog museum ‘mobile’ in a large
    truck, like an 18-wheeler, BIODEISEL, with it’s own solar powered
    generator. Then it can be brought to schools and museums and special
    events (like Coachella) so that Bob’s magic can be shared with our
    nation. It would travel to places and inspire young minds who may not
    even know who Moog was, but after seeing the museum and interacting
    with the instruments, may be inspired to become a musician or an
    electrical engineer (or both). It would encourage the dreamers…

    And that is what Bob was all about, inspiring dreams.

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