Clear The Dance Floor With “Sonic Nausea”

Here’s something that calls out to be adapted for musical purposes – the $29 Sonic Nausea

Sonic Nausea is a small electronic device which can really turn one’s stomach. It generates a unique combination of ultra-high frequency soundwaves which soon leads most in its vicinity to queasiness. It can also cause headaches, intense irritation, sweating, imbalance, nausea, or even vomiting.

The unique soundwave characteristics make directional source determination difficult.

Powered by one 9-volt battery (not included). For extended run time six AA batteries in a battery pack with transistor clips (available from most electronics stores) can be used instead.

Use with extreme discretion.

Sound a little hyped up; do you think that a little battery-powered device can really trigger waves of nausea using sound?

via Presurfer

3 thoughts on “Clear The Dance Floor With “Sonic Nausea”

  1. A couple of week ago I woke up feeling very bad nauseated felt so bad I just wanted to stay in the was this sound in the bed room. when I got up room started to spin I just wanted to go back to bed I felt so bad. I had to go to work, a few mins after I left the house and the sound I felt fine. could this be a sonic nausea generator?

    Could something like this cause this, and how would I find it?

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