Amazing DIY Synthesizer

The quality of this video is a bit iffy – but it demos an amazing DIY analog modelling synth project. 

Here are the details:

Broadly, the purpose of this project was to create an Analogue modelling musical synthesizer; 
that is, a synthesizer implemented using both analogue and digital components that intends to emulate the sounds of traditional analogue synthesizers, whilst being controllable through modern-day digital protocols such as the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). 

The synthesizer platform exists upon its own standalone hardware, and may be controlled 
using a variety of existing MIDI-capable instruments, including keyboards, guitars and drums. 
Additionally, the unit features its own innovative touch-screen interface which intends to provide simple-and-intuitive control of the system, but with an unprecedented ability to customize and control synthesizer parameters and sound generation. 

pecial attention has been placed upon the usability of the synthesizer, particularly within the realms of it being played by musicians in a live environment. 

The units MIDI capabilities also mean that it is easily combined with professional studio equipment and sequencing software such as Cubase VST

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