Probabilistic Visual Music Sequencing With Elysium

Here are a couple of videos that demo Matt Mower’s Elysium, a new visual generative sequencer. 

Here’s how he describes it:

  1. Elysium is a sequencer, that means it’s designed to produce sequences of notes that can be layered to form music.
  2. Elysium uses MIDI which means that it doesn’t make sounds itself but can drive MIDI based synthesizers, samplers, and other instruments. It also means that Elysium’s output can be recorded, and manipulated, in a DAW such as Logic or Ableton Live.
  3. Elysium is generative which relates to the way the music is created by building up a “system” composed of layers, cells, tokens, and playheads that combined, when “played”, to produce a sequence of notes.

In this piece Elysium is played through Logic 8 with the Sculpture synth patch “Classic Marimba” loaded.

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