New Open Source Music Studio For PC & Mac – Koblo

Koblo Audio Software has made all of the code for the Koblo Studio available as an open source project at Studio, for Mac or PC, may be downloaded for free.

By making it open source, Koblo is allowing any developer to build upon the Koblo Studio platform.

“Our business model seeks to change the rules of the game” said Michael Logue, CMO for Koblo. “Just like the rules have changed when it comes to music distribution, we are changing the rules around music creation.”

Developers are invited to share their ideas, experiences and questions at the Koblo forums at Koblo is currently seeking Linux developers who are interested in porting the Koblo Studio to the Linux platform.

The Koblo Studio has also been updated to Beta 0.9 r3041. This newest release introduces beta audio recording and many bug fixes.

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