7 Hours In 77 Million Paintings

This high definition HD video contains a 35 minute time lapse recording at 12 times normal real time presentation speed – equivalent to 7 hours (or 420 minutes) of one unique real time performance instance of 77 Million Paintings, a generative audio / visual performance concept which never plays twice exactly the same, originally developed by Brian Eno. 7 HOURS IN 77 MILLION PAINTINGS offers the viewer an accelerated and arresting visual experience differing from this work’s real time viewing experience, in that the video’s imagery continuously draws the viewer’s curiosity with little pause.

The audio soundtrack features one performance instance of an ambient algorithmic composition PORTHEMEOR EVENING, created by composer Mark Harrop specifically for this production.

Another excerpt is available on Vimeo.


This high definition HD video can be played through slower broadband internet connections that may unable to keep up with the required data streaming speed (which results in interrupted playback or stuttering), by first starting then pausing the Vimeo video player until the loading progress bar shows the video has fully loaded after a few minutes, and continue playback as many times as desired. HD resolution can be viewed full screen only when this video is viewed DIRECTLY from this Vimeo page. If this video is viewed from an embedded video window in a web page OUTSIDE of Vimeo, only STANDARD resolution is delivered even when in full screen mode.

This high definition (1280 x 720P) video will typically require a high powered processor or dual processor system to playback smoothly in full screen HD mode to obtain highest resolution. If smooth full screen mode playback is impossible, then you have insufficient processor power to playback this HD video in full screen. In this case, use windowed playback mode instead. Peer to peer file sharing programs can cause significant slow down of your system in playing back HD video. To begin playback in full screen HD mode, simply click the full screen icon at the bottom right of this video window. When viewing this video in full screen mode, if your screen resolution is larger than 1280 x 720, you are recommended to click the SCALING button on the bottom right side of the video window, to turn off scaling and view this video in true 1:1 ratio.

Due to rich low frequency audio content throughout this video, high fidelity speakers or headphones with extended bass range reproduction is highly recommended for the best listening experience.

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