Hire The Orb To DJ Your Gig

The Orb wants to take their adventures beyond the ultraworld and play your next gig:

The Orb are looking for more gigs for 2009
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The Orb and related projects played about 78 official gigs in 2008 and it proved one one the band’s busiest years. It is now that time again when thoughts for shows and tours are spilling over into the new year.

If you would like The Orb or any of the related projects to play near you, at your venue, festival or any other gathering you have planned, then get in touch. All it takes is the contact details of the event organisers or if you are an event organiser yourself then let us know what you have planned and we’ll see what we can do to put you on the tour schedule.

Here are the contact details:

DJ bookings (The Orb’s Alex Paterson) More gigs please!
filipe rosa
controlled artist management
bookings at controlledartistmanagement.com

Live Bookings (The Orb) More gigs please. Europe, Australia and USA get in touch!
alex nightingale and jack notman
ec1 music agency
jack at ec1music.com

The Orb Australia Tour assembly: jack at ec1music.com

The Orb USA tour assembly: grace at vital-talent.com

management & licensing
mike gillespie
the sunday club
theorb at thesundayclub.com

Shin yamada (co-manager, Japan)
root & brance
shin.yamada at m6.dion.ne.jp

John bryan (co-manager, north america)
johnb at mutualism.tv

Gerry Gerrard (usa/mexico/canada/carribean)
chaotica inc.
inquire at chaotica.com

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