Alessandro Cortini Leaves Nine Inch Nails

NIN’s Alessandro Cortini announced over the weekend that he is leaving Nine Inch Nails to concentrate on his own projects:

It’s been exactly 4 years since i joined Nine Inch Nails and the time has come for me to move onto new things.
I feel a need to explore other paths in music and life which leads me to leave the tour at this stage.
I am grateful of the chance i was given: it doesn’t happen every day to be able to work next to some of the most talented people on this planet.

Trent & Co. have been aware of this decision of mine for a while now and are prepared to take the band to the next step.

Thanks to all the fans who welcomed me at the beginning of my journey and supported me through the years.

It was clear that Cortini was constrained within NIN’s shows, which are visually stunning, but surprisingly conservative, musically. It will be interesting to hear what Cortini does with his extra time.

4 thoughts on “Alessandro Cortini Leaves Nine Inch Nails

  1. Torley

    If you go to a NIN show, you’ll see a great show – but it’s performed as straightforward stadium guitar rock, with the focus on the songs – which tend to follow pretty conventional verse verse chorus song form.

    At the Minneapolis show, there were no real solos, and very little improvisation or jamming. Reznor’s approach obviously works, but it keeps the band on a short leash.

  2. Well, it’ll be a shame to see him go. In the studio, I think NIN really benefited from his contribution. I don’t think “Ghosts” would have been nearly as interesting without his input. But live… yeah, very restricting, its a straight up rock show. But it’s admittedly a tight and exciting rock show to see… just not necessarily as exciting to play, apparently.

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