Synthesia – The Open Synth Hardware Platform

The Synthesia platform is a project whose purpose is to create an open analog modeling musical synthesizer – a synthesizer implemented using both analog and digital components that intends to emulate the sounds of traditional analog synthesizers, controllable through Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).

The synthesizer platform exists upon it’s own standalone hardware, and may be controlled using a variety of existing MIDI-capable instruments, including keyboards, guitars and drums.

Additionally, the unit features it’s own innovative touch-screen interface which intends to provide simple-and-intuitive control of the system, but with an unprecedented ability to customize and control synthesizer parameters and sound generation.

Special attention has been placed upon the usability of the synthesizer, particularly within the realms of it being played by musicians in a live environment.

The unit’s MIDI capabilities also mean that it is easily combined with professional studio equipment and sequencing software such as Cubase VST.

Details on the project are available here. The site is still under construction – but it looks like this could turn into a new open platform for synth development.

2 thoughts on “Synthesia – The Open Synth Hardware Platform

  1. amazing, this is the kind of person the world need so much …
    kudos for this man and for his lady synthesizer project, its open source!!!DIY

    this is the future,today it is one 8bit synth but anytime this GUI and Synth chips /coding can be upgraded to one “state of art” gear, just let other genius coders take a look at this and lets see where it can get….
    im really happu to think this project can be the start point for many many others noe in the world of multitouch interfaces… and its cheap…

    just genius the multitouch in the middle with midi learn, this have terrain to walk, so many possibilities.
    will be following the evolution of this synth side by side….

    thanks for use the technology like it has to be used!

  2. Aww shucks 🙂

    I’m currently getting our documentation sorted out to explain the process of making one yourself a little easier to understand.

    We’re also in the process of adapting the architecture of the synth to allow you to create modular setups (a little bit like Max MSP/puredata except you’ll be able to download effects onto the unit and take it on the road with you). OSC functionality will also be in the next release so that you can control elements of the unit using an array of devices like ipods and wiimotes. I’ll keep you all informed.



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