Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synthesizer


In a world filled with “almost-analog” and “sort-of-analog” synthesizers, Andromeda is the real deal: a high-performance instrument fueled by true analog synth technology.

In a single, powerful package you’ll find a huge range of tonal possibilities: searing leads, warm pads, fat bass lines, extreme sound effects and more. With Andromeda you can get all these sounds simultaneously, while enjoying the creative control to reach out, grab knobs and instantly reshape Andromeda’s mind-blowing sonics.

Check out the video above for sonic demos and the specs below for more info!


  • Andromeda’s fully analog signal path is controlled by a high-speed Motorola Coldfire microprocessor, offering 16-voice polyphony with 16-part multitimbral capability. Andromeda features two analog oscillators per voice, with standard waveforms (available simultaneously), suboscillators, hard and soft sync, and more. It provides two analog filters per voice: these 2-pole (multimode) and 4-pole (lowpass) resonating filters are classically-derived designs, and offer you an astounding range of sonic variability.
  • Andromeda also provides external audio inputs that allow you to route any signal through its filters. Andromeda has three LFOs, each with six waveforms and many powerful features. It also has three 7-stage, 3-level envelopes capable of functions never before found in any analog synthesizer. An extensive mod matrix offers you an enormous freedom in configuring Andromeda’s sonic firepower, adding to its monstrous capabilities.
  • Andromeda’s 61-note synth-weighted keypad features velocity and aftertouch sensitivity, and its ribbon controlled offers multiple, assignable functions. A distinctive, futuristic front panel features 72 knobs and 114 buttons (the majority are single function), optimally arranged for rapid-fire tweaking and in-depth experimentation. Andromeda’s large, backlit LCD display provides real-world values of parameters (time, frequency, BPM, etc.) and high-resolution graphics. No other synth has ever offered such a sophisticated, informative control panel for creating analog pyrotechnics.
  • Polyphony/Multitimbral Parts:  16/16
  • Waveform Memory ROM/RAM:  N/A
  • Filter Types/Resonance:  4-pole/2-pole multimode/Y
  • Single Programs ROM/RAM:  256/128
  • Multitimbral Performances ROM/RAM:  128/128
  • Portamento:  Yes
  • # of Keys:  61
  • # of Keyboard Zones:  16
  • Left Hand Controllers:  (2) wheel; (1) ribbon
  • Aftertouch (Poly/Channel):  Y/Y
  • # and Type of Controller Inputs:  (2) switch; (1) pedal up to 16 steps
  • # of Sequencer Tracks/PPQN:  1/16
  • Sequencer/Memory (Notes):  16
  • Arpeggiator:  Yes
  • # of Effects Processors/Effects Programs:  2/28
  • # of Outputs/Type:  (4) 1/4″ bal mains + aux/16 indiv outs
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  • EM Review – “The Andromeda A6 is an extremely powerful and versatile instrument that can produce an enormous range of textures. The only way to fully comprehend its breadth is to spend some time programming it yourself. The A6 is capable of real sonic depth and is reasonably simple to use, given its complexity.”
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