Free Kaoss 64 Beatbox Plugin For Windows

via CDMDJ Chinkial came up with a free VST (Windows-only) beatbox for your computer, using the Korg KAOSS Pad KP3 as outboard controller, complete with visual feedback.

It’s a work in progress – but worth checking out if you’re on Windows. 

DJ Chinkial explains:

Kaoss64 is a 16 step 64 part sequencer that triggers the slices of two bar loops like a sort of rex file player for wav.

oh and if you’d like to try it out 
it would work with any old midi controller just wont have the visual interaction

x position is cc10 
y position is cc24 
pad trig is cc25 but thats just used for visuals

the abcd buttons are the lowest register keys on a keyboard

cheers again and have a good christmas and new year al.

And if any Synthtopia readers are AU programmers – how about something like this for Macheads?

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