Making A “Hoover” On The MKS 50

This video demos making a “hoover” on the MKS 50, slicing it with the SL20 and jamming with it on a [email protected] BPM:

I got a few requests for sound tutorials/demo so here’s an easy one, the simili-hoover, and as I can’t stop just tweaking, a little jam at the end(see comments for links to the time it starts being a jam) and annotation to show some of what I do as my camera sucks.

I KNOW it’s not a “real, proper” hoover, but it’s the way I like it, without too much envelope on the pitch, and a more open filter to allow the SL20 to have some highs to filter

via muzik4machines

2 thoughts on “Making A “Hoover” On The MKS 50

  1. So sweet! Thanks for posting. So cool to see the Boss SL20 used innovatively. Big respect to this hooverizer and for Synthtopia for always bringing fresh content.

    One Love

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