Happy Stupid Riff Day

It’s Happy Stupid Riff Day at SIGHUP:

Usually on the last day of a calendar year, I post a stupid riff, some aimless bit of crud I, for some inexplicable reason, had sitting in my works in progress folder for a sizable portion of the year. This year is a little different in that I’ve pretty much gotten in to the habit throughout the year of deleting any stupid crap I can’t seem to do anything with.

However, there is one thing that has been sitting around for a while, something I can’t quite finish right but can’t quite let go of. So in the vague spirit of Stupid Riff Day, I give you my attempt at applying my general ambient noise approach to a dub stylee. I don’t think it’s completely without merit, but I also don’t find it very satisfying. If I don’t post it, though, the damned thing just won’t leave me alone. So here it is, SIGHUP’s Stupid Dub Day 2008.

This is a great idea for a musician’s holiday!

A day to happily share a stupid riff that’s not doing anything more than popping up in your head at inappropriate times!

So here’s a happy stupid riff for you – the result of some playing with Kore that never went anywhere:


Got a happier, stupider riff?

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