Sequencing Kids Toys

This video documents a test of sequencing a kid toy keyboard. 

Explains Mike Tron:

This is an ongoing project that I hope to end up with 15 to 20 circuit bent kids toys, that will eventually become a circuit bent orchestra that will all be controlled with Ableton Live.

The keyboard in the video only has the drum section connected as of right now.  Unfortunately it only has a polyphony of 2, so that limits me quiet a bit.

I am using a sequencer I wrote in Pure Data running into an arduino board that controls some reed relays.  The switch time of the relays is to long so I plan on changing them out with some solid state relays. The arduino is running standard firmata and I edited the Pduino program to include my sequencer.  I have also wrote a patch that has Ableton control the arduino instead of my sequencer.

Let me know what you think of sequencing kid toys!

One thought on “Sequencing Kids Toys

  1. very fascinating, i was actually tearing it up in a local walmart with a kids music toy keyboard, and was actually thinking how cool it’d be to sequence it with live which is what i use as well.

    how did you get the circuts to work with what appears to be MAX?

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