Moby, With Hair

Moby, with hair, from the eighties:

one of the dangers/joys of the internet is that people re-surface from your past and send you pictures of yourself back when you had hair.

in the interest of furthering my ‘humiliate myself in public’ project here are some pictures from when the cure were kings and echo and the bunnymen had yet to break up and any self-respecting new waver lived the dream of excessive sensitivity, doc marten’s, cuffed jeans, and bad french symbolist poetry read in shitty coffee shops/bars/methadone clinics.

3 thoughts on “Moby, With Hair

  1. wow…never has someone summed up me and my late 80’s ‘waver’ lifestyle so succinctly. I am going to go weep softly while listening to a depeche mode record now…

  2. Moby’s damn clever. Humiliates himself so he gets to it first. This may’ve been a lesson he learned after that photo with a phallus strapped to his tete circulated. But seriously, props to the guy.

    This is nearly as rare as finding a picture of Karl Lagerfield without glasses. 😉

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