Roland GR-700 Guitar Synth & 707 Guitar Controller

Roland GR-700 Guitar Synth & 707 Guitar Controller


This is a demo video for the Roland GR-700 Guitar Synth & 707 Guitar Controller:

The GR-700 has the same synth engine as the JX-3P but has a more “organic” sound because each string can send pitch bend, so you can get a really nice slight de-tuning.

It features two digitally controlled oscillators per string and a fat 24db analog filter. The filter is the key for the sound. It has grit and balls. The new sample playback guitar synths may have more sounds, but they can’t compete in the “balls” category

I used the G-707 guitar controller. I went thru 4 different 707 controllers on Ebay before I found one that really worked well. The 707 I own has been completely tweaked by a tech who knew how to set the guitar up. The 707 also sounds awesome on its own.

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  1. It's the entire system. G-707 guitar w/official case, GR-700 synth floor unit, cable, memory expansion, PG-200 programmer *and* official Roland metal road case to hold synth + programmer. Original manuals, everything is in full working order. Still available at Craigslist entry listed above.

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