NAMM Preview: Percussa AudioCubes

2009 NAMM Show preview: Percussa has some goodies on tap for the upcoming NAMM show that look like they will dramatically expand the range of uses for their AudioCubes: AudioCubes VST Wrapper, AudioCubes Loop Shaper & AudioCubes DeckBridge for Deckadance.

AudioCubes VST Wrapper 1.0

Existing VST plugins or instruments in your DAW can be instantly used with AudioCubes through included VST wrappers from Percussa. The wrapper is compatible with popular DAW software such as IL FL Studio, Ableton Live, …

Plugins can be instantly mapped to cube sensors without MIDI Setup. Sensor info can be scaled, inverted and limited to plugin parameters and colours can be linked to incoming MIDI notes in the case of VST Instruments.

With just one cube and VST wrapper software, you can apply effects to your tracks very easily. The tiniest gestures of your hands and fingers are instantly audible.

AudioCubes Loop Shaper 1.0

Producing sounds or music directly with the cubes is possible through the included sound design software from Percussa.

VST plugins can be loaded and hosted directly in this application without running a DAW or other software.

With just one AudioCube, your gestures are captured and translated instantly into parameter changes for the VST plugins.

The results can be recorded into the built-in looping sequencer, and stored to disk as a WAV file, for reuse in your DAW or sequencer. Alternatively, audio can be streamed via Rewire to popular software such as IL FL Studio, Ableton Live, …

DeckaBridge 1.0

Deckadance, a popular professional digital DJ application by Image-Line, can easily be used with AudioCubes through included Deckabridge software from Percussa.

Real-time sensor signals from the cubes can be assigned to DJ effects without complicated MIDI setup.

Classic MIDI DJ controllers for transport control, cueing, loop setting, can be used simultaneously with AudioCubes without any problems.

Relooper sequencers in Deckadance can be easily controlled using multiple cubes for interesting loop slicing and reconstruction.

Deckadance template files are included for use with DeckaBridge.

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