NAMM Preview: The Metasonix R-51 & KV-100

2009 NAMM Show: Usually about this time of year, Metasonix‘ Eric Barbour comes out with something called the Fucking Fucker or the Scrotum Smasher

This year, he’s got teases for the Metasonix R-51 & the Metasonix KV-100 – which I’m guessing have more colorful names, too:

Metasonix R-51v audio demos by Josh Humphrey at Big City Music, using Analogue Systems modules (RS-95 VCO, various LFOs, EGs and sequencer:

“R51withLFO” shows what happens when you modulate the distortion CV input with a slow LFO signal.

Metasonix KV-100 demos, courtesy of The Wretch:

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