iPhone Drum Machine

HT Mind’s All Drum (App Store link) is an iPhone drum machine.


Turn your IPhone and Ipod Touch screen into large 12 DRUM tapping pads.


  • 16 bits @ 44100 KHZ PCM sound samples encompassing 20-20000 KHZ. â
  • 24 notes concurrency ( polyphonic) sound generator engine.
  • Low latency tapping responses alongside with iTune music.
  • Intuitive and very easy layout of menu allowing record , playback of very long drum playlist “tapping sequences” .
  • Complete Save/Load/Management of drum playlist.
  • Quick and easy overlaying ( dubbing ) live sound sequences to create complex sound sequences.
  • Make your own pad sound assignment with a few simple touches.
  • Complete Save/Load/Management of pad configuration.
  • On the fly volume control for System and Drum sounds.
  • Playback / Record tempo control.

NOTES: This version will run on 1st & 2nd generation of iPhone & iPod Touch with OS 2.0 or better. For OS 2.0 with 1st generation of iPod Touch device, app will display a warning message indicating that system volume is not available thru the app.

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