New iPhone DJ App

Silicon Studios has released iTM DJ (App Store link) – an iPhone DJ application.


iTM DJ is the ultimate digital dj controller Perfect for controlling your digital dj software like traktor, serato or any midi enabled application…

Features: Setup for 2 tracks, each with: Faders, Gain knob, Headphone, 4 Eqs, 4 Fx, Loop and Sync buttons, Track control buttons (2 modes available) Load Panel for track selection and loading.

Networked Mac or PC computer running iTouchMidi required available from device or download from

3 thoughts on “New iPhone DJ App

  1. How come nobody comments here.
    I find this app coolest ever seen.
    But my questions to the developers is How to implement, 2 Tracks togather..
    IF you can help me out on this it will be great help.

    Arpan Desai

  2. The reason is, we are all waiting for device players to be released. Apps, that convert the iDevice into a standalone DJ-player.
    Noone seems to be able to do the job. IPJ was a promising project. but they did not release a final player. Their Beta-App is very buggy and nearly useless. All the other players are crappy. Not a single serious DJ-App out there. The iPod Touch and iPhone would be perfect for mobile DJing. But the problem is, there are no programmers around, that have any idea about how to make a good professional DJ-App. So we still have to wait, till the people at Denon, Pioneer or Technics wake up. Let´s see, who´s first.

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